Increasing the age of Yes I am old but I saw Iron Maiden on stage signature shirt, not allowing unlicensed people to sell firearms. Actual crisis teachings on the impact of these tragedies, what to look for and how to address threats before they become imminent. Any more questions? Mass shootings and Islamic terror were a thing when Obama was president. I don’t see many mass shootings or people’s heads being chopped off on the news anymore!

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Today marks two years since the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Yes I am old but I saw Iron Maiden on stage signature shirt, Florida, and students all over Broward County, Florida, will commemorate the tragedy by observing what the district is calling “A Day of Service and Love.” Nothing has changed since then. Very unfortunate that this nation is not addressing mass shootings! Dave Middleton Universal health care especially mental health care screenings. Holding parents accountable when their degenerate thug children take their firearms and do this. Responsible gun owners lock up their arsenals.

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