Agustin Alanis is on a mission Avenger Autism my Super Power shirt for the number of times seeing the same film and spoke with CNN as he walked in for a 114th screening of “Avengers: Endgame. I go twice on weekdays; Saturday and Sunday, four to five times, (which) is the most I can because of the movie is 3 hours and 2 minutes long,” said Alanis, who’s spent the equivalent of more than 40 workdays watching the Marvel Studios film. He’s managed it while juggling his job as a supervisor for his family’s construction business. The Guinness record that Alanis aims to thwart is “most cinema productions attended the same film.”
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You sparked this to be done, Avenger Autism my Super Power shirt. As our team of superheroes fought for their lives at the site of the destroyed Avengers compound, Tony turned to Doctor Strange to ask him if what was happening was in line with the one outcome in 14 million in which Strange saw the Avengers defeat Thanos and his army. Basically, the Redditor theorizes that while Strange was exploring all 14,000,605 possible futures in Infinity War, he tested a few out in which he told Tony what needed to happen to see if he could save his life by doing so. Unfortunately, he discovered that there was no scenario in which the Avengers were victorious that didn’t also result in Tony’s death. The final battle in Avengers: Endgame saw Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, wear the Infinity Gauntlet to defeat.