Used to get subways ages ago Santa Claus riding reindeer Subway shirt when their fillings were generous. Now they “count” the pieces of everything that goes on. You can see through the cheese and is only a small square cut in half – the last time I went 4 years ago there were 5 pieces of grated carrot – true story. I lost a job at the subway because I wanted to attend a friend’s funeral and I was new to the job. We don’t care about underpaid workers. I care about fresh & tasty sandwiches at subway. I recently quit working at the subway, and because I was a part-time worker I was entitled to have my annual leave paid out to me. It took them three months after me constantly calling and harassing them to get it.

Santa Claus riding reindeer Subway shirt, sweater, hoodie, and v-neck t-shirt

Santa Claus riding reindeer Subway Sweater


Best Santa Claus riding reindeer Subway shirt

When I go into subway the salad Santa Claus riding reindeer Subway shirt always looks bad nothing fresh, and it’s expensive too. The last time I got subway was 5 months ago and I haven’t been back since. It’s just like Maccas expensive. Never go back to these to places. I lost all trust in the subway after they took sweet chili sauce off the menu. That was the last bloody straw! I worked at subway when I was 19, bread comes in frozen and if it’s not all used that day it goes in a tub to be used the next day the same with the cookies they are all frozen.

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