Thanks to Melisandre for giving us Game of Thrones character signature shirt episode. I was super stressed out watching, but that was an award-winning a piece of work. This episode got me sweating the whole entire time. The fight was magnificent! I was thinking About Bran finally being all-powerful as a three-eyed raven but Arya was the powerful assume she was trained to be. Simply brilliant! RIP Lyanna Mormont. “My mother wasn’t a great beauty but she was a great warrior.” So were you! My heroine. Anyone else has trouble watching the episode? I know it was night but still tried making it brighter helped a little. Arya Stark is a badass!
Game of Thrones character signature shirt
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This is Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones character signature shirt gets wiped out within the blink of an eye. And so does the NK. Yes, the NK was build up as that super villain. But if you look closely, so was Arya as the hero. Over all the seasons and over that episode. In the climax of her storyline, you find so many clues: the dagger that started it all, the Hound, Dondarion, Melisandre, the famous quote, her training, the sparring with Brienne. Never thought I would say this but I was really disappointed to see the night king die so easily he was the real threat. I just want to say. This is the best thing I have ever and will ever see on television, cinema, life altogether. Just watched episode three of season 8 and am crying, my throat is sour of chanting shouting and cheering.