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His body was never recovered. Well, my partner, who had been the official arresting officer, then put two and two together and told me his grandmother had been getting hang-up phone calls repeatedly since the arrest. Well, I varied my routes home for several weeks, and always had my off duty gun close at hand.
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She gave me a condom. She put it on my dick and I fucked her. We did missionary cowgirl, doggy.
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Then I grabbed her ass and kissed her thighs. I then slowly licked her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure. S
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I removed my pants and hers too. I laid on top of her and kissed her. I moved down.
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Then I removed her bra. I started kissing it. Massaging the other. Then I took off my shirt. She laid back.
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Her lips were so soft and she tasted so good. I started undressing her.
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She just guided me to her bedroom. I acted on cue and started kissing her.