As it happened, the other lady had chosen the same watch and it needed to be altered because the was very slim, so they used the extra links from her watch to extend mine. 8 years ago I lost my parents. My younger brother was stressed, lost esteem, confidence and anxiety for long. He became quiet and secretive. We talked to him as a family but I doubt he didn’t take our advice. 2 years ago he was diagnosed with ulcers and had emergency medication. He recovered after. 7 moths ago he started to be stressed and thinking a lot. We became worried of how he behaved. He left for another city for relief.

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A lot of my friends who are currently struggling through their 30s usually developed traveling as a hobby. Those people I noticed they expect traveling/vacation as a norm and sth they always need to do regardless they have money or not. Vacation is not cheap. If you do it more than two or three times a year, you will be addicted and won’t be able to save any money. I know a guy who is in student debt close to 200k, but told me first thing he would do once his parents gives him the education tax credit (3000), he would go to Vietnam. He also expects me to lend him money so he can travel and have fun. Another guy I know constantly borrows money from people ( his mom, or girlfriend), but he travels at least three times a year to different countries. It’s not a hobby when other people have to pay for you.

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