But according to these neighbors and their report to CYS, we’re “starving him”, he’s “not receiving the proper care”, we “yell at him constantly”, we “don’t show him any affection”, he has “too many chores” (my son’s school has said he doesn’t have enough chores and needs more responsibility.), our house is “constantly a disaster and there’s animal feces everywhere”, and we’re having him “empty cups full of human urine.” The allegations came back unfounded. I only found out that it was her, because I was going through our mail in December and the mail lady had stuck their mail in with ours. I don’t read who it’s addressed to. I just assume it’s for my family and I opened the letter, still didn’t register who it was to until I read it a second time. I was beyond livid. I saw red.

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Her husband called my husband at the beginning of February and said that he had no idea she did that and that they’re no longer together because of that and issues that he had with her. I guess she was “a lazy twat” and wanted him “to work, cook and clean, while she sat at home and did jack squat except stream videos on her phone and troll Facebook all day.” His words, not mine. She also called animal control, saying that we had 50 cats and 11 dogs. Yep! All because we found their cat that she had let out in October and had nursed him back to health from December 18th, 2019 to January 10th, 2020. We didn’t even get a “thank you” from her for saving her husband’s cat from being roadkill. He thanked us, though.

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