The thing that I learned that was the most Sign Language be Kind shirt profound is that sign language is not just teaching your hands how to form shapes to express a vocabulary. It is a language with all of the same challenges as learning any language has. There is syntax, nuance and accent. Sitting with a book or online videos to learn it is simply not going to get you to the finish line. You must expose yourself to the deaf community if you ever want to truly be able to communicate in signs.

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Personally I found sign language t Sign Language be Kind shirt o be very straight forward and easy to learn to do. The signs usually just make sense. The hard part for me was reading other people’s signs. Learning to do signs took a few months before I could express simple thoughts clearly. Several months more before my finger spelling became proficient. Several years before I felt comfortable reading the signs of a person I had just met. And to leave English behind and truly sign in ASL… I am still learning. This is one of those questions that has no definitive answer. Each person has a variance in aptitudes. For example, my wife can play the piano. It is easy for her. For me it is simply impossible. My brain is not wired that way.

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