Aside from that, I enjoy practicing / instructing Taekwondo, something that I’ve always pursued in one way or another since elementary school. I’m also big on dedicated physical fitness, with an emphasis on calisthenics. But I like to dabble around in a lot of other stuff, like playing piano, public speaking, drawing, reading/writing, etc. I’m not necessarily superior at any of them, but I’m trying — I’m an aspiring Renaissance guy (I’m not experienced enough to call myself a man, but I regrettably have a bit too much pride to instead call myself a boy). In terms of scholarly endeavors, I’m most heavily passionate about economics and business — most of my main extracurriculars revolve at least in part around those subjects. I have appreciable interests in politics and philosophy as well, although I wouldn’t consider myself as keen or educated in those realms of knowledge. (Not to imply that I’m smart at all at any of this stuff, or in general. I’m a high school student.)

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I realize that I have a lot in life which I don’t deserve. A loving and caring family; great role models, friends, mentors and teachers; and access to great privileges — not to mention living needs which are not only fulfilled but definitely exceeded — that I often don’t even think twice about. As a result, I definitely shouldn’t waste what I’ve got. It’ll be an insult to everything and everyone that’s brought me this far. I try my best to improve. Regarding Quora, I probably won’t use it too too much, but it’s nice as a hobby. The first time I began actively writing on this platform was really early sophomore year, and those answers I produced upon retrospection were kiiiinda questionable. But I’ll leave those old answers there for nostalgia; after all, the majority of my followers came from those answers so I wouldn’t want to betray those people however embarrassing my old writing may be. But just please don’t judge them as who I am now haha.

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