Jonah Jameson is a successful newspaperman, Official 2020 Bring back the plague shirt but he sometimes goes for the splash over the substance. His hatred of Spider-Man is pathological, persisting after Spider-Man has saved his life. It’s simply not logical. This may be connected to his grief. While he was away reporting in Korea, his wife was killed by a mugger. He was helpless to do anything. Gerry Conway, who wrote Spider-Man in the 70’s, said that Jameson was “just like Stan is a very complex and interesting guy who both has a tremendously charismatic part of himself and is an honestly decent guy who cares about people, he also has this incredible ability to go immediately to shallow. 

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Peter has access to a few rich people. Tony doesn’t pay peter and Official 2020 Bring back the plague shirt I don’t see peter being given millions just because by tony. But in this world, I don’t see why peter can’t go to tony and simply say “ hi mr stark listen my aunt knows I’m Spider-Man and I can’t really get a full-time job if I’m running off to fight crime every 10 minutes. So could you help me out? Nothing to big just something to help pay the bills or I can work for you. That way if I’m late or disappear often you know why and I won’t get fired” Peter doesn’t want a handout but considering he is so close to a billionaire and knows a few other rich folks I can’t see why he can’t do some odd jobs for them. Dr strange is rich so I can see him just giving peter some odd jobs that won’t interfere with Spider-Man.

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