When we got on the bed is when things started feeling like naughty taken to the level of nasty. Here I was engaged in this intense “rip our clothes off and f*©k our brains out” fun fest, but, in the most inappropriate place. That sounds about right for my luck. I had never been in a situation in which my partner would scream into a pillow and I would have to look over and see if we had awoken the adult asleep in the next bed, who’s face I never saw. Surprisingly no one in the room ever indicated that they woke up. There were at least 3 other adults in the room. The strangest thing is I had one of the strongest sexual connections with that person that I have ever experienced with anyone. Our play lasted for hours.

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I am not use to having sex with other people in the room who are supposedly sleeping and not joining in. Especially with no camera present. On that occasion I felt nasty, like I couldn’t control myself. I want to think of myself as an individual with refined manners and taste. A person who lives a life of discipline and never looses their self control. But that night I regressed back into a nasty little horn-dog. My husband had been injured in a construction accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Now that I am writing this I actually think of 2 things.

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