Mayweather is 40, hasn’t trained in over 2 years, and McGregor is at the peak of his prime. He is going to fight mayweather in boxing ring with boxing rules. No way in hell would mayweather fight with mma rules because he wouldn’t stand a chance. You’ll do fookin nuttin shirt Conor’s gone on the horse meat, coming for that heavyweight belt too I’m calling out the Wentz family, well the last member of the Wentz family. I already had to limit my skill set to one set of rules(wrestling) and put derek on his back. Now timmy, it’s your turn. Pick your poison . Unlimited weight class, cuz I don’t care about weight. For the past 3 hours i have done absolutely You’ll do fookin nuttin shirt . Except relax and drink beer . And it feels good . Table service is great i wont even walk to the bar lol.