Turkey is a familiar dish that appears on every family’s Thanksgiving table. WTF wine turkey family shirt. Mostly in the US and Canada. To date, the origins of turkey have been the subject of much debate. Behind this special dish are interesting stories. By the 19th century, Americans had no view of raising beef cattle, so no one wanted to cut beef on a holiday. Chicken is more appreciated, but rooster is usually long, hens need to lay eggs. Deer meat is also an option, but not every family can go hunting before the holidays. Pork is not suitable for special occasions. In 1621, the turkey, which was the food of the first settlers from England to colonize the United States in Plymouth, quickly became popular on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why Turkey is indispensable for Christmas?

The British used goose meat, swans, and special occasions. However, in the end turkey was chosen for cheap, meat is not soft, easy to buy. In 1862, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, turkey becoming a traditional dish in every American family. White House has a tradition of “amnesty” for a turkey before the holiday. On November 25, 2009, President Obama released a turkey called Courage. Courage was then brought to Disneyland and became the celebrant of Thanksgiving Day at the popular amusement park. By 2015, the United States consumes 46 million turkeys during Thanksgiving. Chicken is cleaned, head and foot removed, marinated with ginger.

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Ginger, sliced onion and red wine, to the refrigerator overnight. WTF wine turkey family shirt. After marinating, the chicken belly will be stuffed with carrots and cut potatoes, baked for 1 hour and then blanched a layer of honey for a beautiful yellow color every 20 minutes. The turkey has become a very popular dish, especially when it was commissioned by British writer Charles Dickens in his classic A Christmas Carol published in 1843, and enjoyed by many throughout the United States and abroad. in the world. Some historians believe turkey as a gift from Scrooge to the Cratchit family and that it was placed in the middle of the table in well-off or poor families.
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