Dang everyone on here has super strict parents while mine doesn’t give a shit what I do as long as I don’t smoke or do drugs. Trust In You Shirt. They wouldn’t even give a shit if I had sex with a girl, even though I’m underage (but not for long). My dad would actually be proud of me lmao. Oh well, I’ve been meaning to come out to them anyway, but I would not like it if they found out that way. Thanks for the F though, will be necessary. My parents will let me do whatever I want online but if I started doing drugs they would practically disown me lol.

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Or maybe his parents don’t care enough. Trust In You Shirt. Not trying to say anything about his parents specifically, but when parents are strict, it’s usually because they want to know what’s going on in your life and maybe they exaggerate on the strictness, but in the end, it’s because they care. My parents said that once weed is legal (4 days) they’ll be fine with me smoking it because then at least it’s from an actual store. Are you European? Cuz in Europe it isn’t really normal for your parents to check your phone and shit. Source: am from Europe. Nah from Australia. And I know some of my friends’ parents aren’t very strict with that either, but I think I’ve got the least strict parents out of all of us. My mom and sis won’t even talk to me as if I have ra*ed someone.
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