In 1791. Totem shirt. An interpreter named J.K. Long introduced the dialect of the Ojibwa1 people into the ethnographic academic language of Totem. I translated the object. The word Totem itself in the Ojibwa language means “It is a relative to me.” That means that Totem is an animal that denotes a certain belonging of the Ojibwa people. In other words, the Ojibwa collective name. However, according to the Handbook of North American Indians published. By the American Ethnological Society (1907-1910). J.K. Long confused between the name of the clan 2. (Name of the animal with the name of the clan). The beliefs associated with the guardian personality of the Ojibwa people. When he introduced the word Totem to the guardian god.

What is a Totem?

The truth, according to legend 3 of Ojibwa. Between the clan and the totem is not directly related and only metaphorical, indirect. So in Australia. The totem can be used to name a different animal. Thus the name of the clan often does not directly conjure up in the mind. Of Aboriginal animals or herbs. Such correlation is clearly different from the relationship between the individual. And the guardian of the direct personality. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish between the common object. And the personal guardian of the individual. It is important to emphasize the indirect. And the symbolic character of the relationship between the person and the name of the clan. Collective Mass: Where the American and Australian ancestors live in clans. Each clan names a species, a tree, or an object.
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