There are teachers who might say something like this I suffer from OCD obsessive camping disorder shirt, but there are. So many more who see what kind of learner your child is and try to bring as many unique approaches to learning as possible so that we can accommodate the 35-40 children we have per class. It’s tough to know every child’s motivation and special skills/talents because we get so little time to really know them the Top treding shirt from ueltee 2019/16 way their parents do. All my students are awesome in some way. I make sure they know that and since I teach English, I try to emphasize the skills they need, no matter what and do my best to give them that skill. I hope, even if you didn’t have great teachers, you realize. But there are amazing ones out here who care and want the best for your child. Fuck him! I pulled my shit together, went to college and became one of the best teachers a child could have! So those of you who are blaming teachers.