This is just situational or Elephant you’re doing great job morning Happy 1st Mother’s Day Olivia 2019 shirt. There will be those that make one feel bad but we all know not all teachers are like this. Lots of people can be like this. Whether school, job or anything. I would look at the lessons he is trying to send and not think hard on this. There are some superb teachers as well as ones that need a career change. Take care of everyone. I told him he was wrong, and to enroll me in Physics among other classes I apparently had no right to take. He flat out told me I didn’t have the Top treding shirt from cottonshirt 2019/15 grades to support this instruction, but I demanded and got what I wanted. And guess what? My senior year I received. So I received third place internationally. I have my fabulous clients who engage with me and make my daily existence vital and rewarding. I guess I used the naysayers as a catapult to reach higher ground.

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