I have so many bags I can give them away. They make it sound like using a cotton bag 130 some times is difficult. But that’s only like 2 years of weekly use, and I happen to know that I have cotton and rip-stop nylon bags the kind you keep waded up in your purse that I’ve been using for like 10 years. Interesting article and information but for hygienic reasons I will continue to use my cloth bags. I will not change my routine while shopping. I refuse to use plastic and try very hard to not use paper. Paper and cloth are eventually biodegradable as opposed to plastic. Single-use plastic shopping bags have been banned in my city for 10 years and the city has much cleaner parks, streets, and beaches than other cities in the same country. You bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket to stuff them in your car after unloading them from the trolley.