I see no one but my teen daughter and the cleaner for months at a time. What’s the problem? Internet shopping for groceries and books! I tried to book an online grocery shopping delivery for my mum, tried all supermarkets, the earliest delivery slot available was in 9 days cost from Tesco and it must be taken by now. I live 45 miles away and the car journey to her home in London can take 2-3 hours due to the heavy traffic elect one family member to take care of and look after any elderly you may be concerned about. I know I would for my family. look another who just look for any excuse to have a go at a government you don’t like the isolation of over The 70s has nothing to do with working and everything to do with the fact that they are more susceptible to the virus. It’s not a difficult concept. if sitting in traffic is worse for you than losing a loved one then that’s on you.