Research Boyan Slat. If he was a teenage girl we would probably have heard a lot more about him. At 16 he had an idea, at 25 he is putting it to good use. Without her message, nothing would have been done. It took a 16-year old to make the world sit up and listen. Why resent that? Take the blinkers off. Do you really think this somewhat disturbed child is doing all this herself? Nothing to do with her political activist parents and their connection with George Soros then? I think that it is even sadder that kids are crying because they think that they are all going to die if we don’t act. Elton Musk pays Greta T and funds all her travel. Of course, he stands to make billions from his electric vehicle sales. Has it occurred to you this isn’t a 2 sided argument with environmentalists vs anti-environmentalists?

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