It considers China and some other major industrial nations as developing countries. unbelievable how many idiots are still falling for the global warming scam, even the politicians are trying to send out signals that the scam has run its course, it is history and time to wake up and smell the roses. I watch from afar in the UK. We may have problems with Brexit and our politicians are idiots but compared to Trump no contest. He has spent his time in office overriding all the policies Obama put in place because he’s a racist and has lined his and his family’s pockets. He’s not to be trusted, he’s a disgrace as a human bring as are his family. He has no idea what he’s doing! Let’s hope they get him into the courtroom. They would stop his antics! Trump pulled the US out of a major trade agreement that would have solidly made The US the leader in Asia trade. China was not even in that agreement as Obama was not caving to.