What about a necklace with a cross, or a tie tack, earrings, etc. I am not a religious person, considering myself a humanist, but in a free society, a person should be able to dress as they please. Canada loves controlling what people wear, say, think, eat, can own, it’s becoming more and more fascist every day, thanks to these extremist partisans in office and media, pushing a political agenda for political and personal gain. This is why inalienable human rights are important, what the American founding fathers knew, and what many have since forgotten or are currently trying to undo. Canada is forcing public sector employees to either work or commit a sin in the eyes of their employees. That’s what separation of church and state means. And it is absolutely discriminatory against Jewish people and Muslims. Breaks my heart for this family she’s so much like my gorgeous granddaughter full of life so cruelly taken away far too early he needs life or have his life taken away the law needs changing now We lost a little son the same way though it was not the driver’s fault.