The satisfaction of demonizing, caging, torturing or killing someone from a different religion/color/sexual orientation/tribe or country? I’ll be worm food but you’re putting a whole lot of faith in the fact that maltreatment of creation of your makers is okay and that choosing sides, laughing or celebrating it is fine. There’s no shame left on this blue and green planet but there should be. In one hand Uighur Muslim asking China where are my children, on the other hand, Baloch people of Balochistan is asking Pakistan where are our Baloch people those who were abducted by Pakistan army. she can look however she pleases in any situation. She is under no obligation to dress, act, or look the same way she did the day you saw her under any circumstances, similar or different. You sound like you are looking to project your mistrust onto her as if her wearing a headscarf and looking sweet is a false representation of herself when honestly, you’re not being fair-minded.