These are short moments you love 60 years of Minnesota Vikings 1960 2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt, live for yourself, for yourself. After that, your people are beautiful because of others. Hard for others. It was late when I saw her cheek, she was busy with the lamp going across the bed. Mum said to sleep, it was too late. I asked, what did you do? Yes. A check a lamp. Solitary. Twenty years later, when I got up and watched the little boy in fever, I saw that the lonely shadow on this wall was so familiar, just like his mother, like a grandmother. Twenty years later, whether I want it or not, I have become a night artist, listening to the wind of the night rain, telling the story of the night. This content belongs to niCefrogtees. And answering the question every year, why don’t people sleep and wake up to the extreme, sleep better. But awake like an instinct, I don’t want to, it keeps coming. I crave to sleep, I want to sleep but the night keeps talking.