Not like there’s any showbiz in real River Smith tribute shirt. Right from the moment the child arrived at the classroom, he was laughed at by the appearance of thin black hair with thick hair, thick lips. And 2 big dog mites hanging on the cheeks and neck every time the mockery increased. and bluntness sad age grow up again. In the mind of thinking to try to study this level to the upper level, it will be okay. But each class of each level is laughed at and even made bullying. At the time the tables and chairs were painted, when the books were hidden, the slippers were thrown at the head, and when they were covered by their hats, they hit them. Not only that, but the torn bike was also thrown into the fence. This content belongs to Nicefrogtees. Being knocked over and trampled on even though the old crust had been rusted, it broke in half, even though the saddle was broken with springs, iron stabbed the mattress.