I suggest they are used as guinea pigs to test new drugs. That way they give their own life to save some to pay for the ones they took. If you don’t treat a criminal as a human being, then you just push them further to the edge of society, so what choice would they have but re-offend? The justifying aim of any judicial system should be to reduce further crime, so prisoners should be treated with respect, and given opportunities and guidance on how to be a useful member of society. repeat offenders are a major burden on taxpayers. 26k per year per inmate. There is no rehabilitation in our prison system. It’s basically a school to learn more criminal skills. Prison shouldn’t be a business. We had such an Institution in Ontario Canada at one time..not quite as luxurious as the Norwegian one described here but quite close. That was until the Conservative Govt. found its way into Power into the ’90s and bit by bit stripped this mode of incarceration so that it now is the exact same as any other Canadian lock-up. Cheaper? Yes, but at what cost? Societies of course.