My fostered is now back in the wild but still comes back to the Ithumba stockade every now & then to say hello. Elephants really are so incredible! Wonderful place, and carers. Well worth a visit. Strict opening time of 1hour a day when the babies have their milk, then go back to the Bush, so not exploited for tourismGreat and noble animals, Dame Daphne Sheldrick made her vision of saving these wonderful animals come true when she founded the Orphanage in Nairobi such compassion and love her legacy is being carried on by her daughter with such a dedicated team of caring staff reading about how the SWT has grown is so inspiring every single donation makes a difference to the Orphans wonderful legacy by a wonderful lady. Thank you for the safety and care you give to these baby animals. If there was no demand for ivory from Asia, particularly, China, then there would be no poachers and these wonderful animals wouldn’t be under threat.