Returning to the room, Nhi lay on the hollow of the Frog and toad fuck the police shirt with the bed, where her husband had been, still warm. The warmth caused the uneasiness of the Second, tens of hours had passed, why it had not cooled down yet. He jumped up and opened the wardrobe, looked at the bed, suspected he would rush to squeeze her husband if he caught him in there, looking at him grinning at the yellow teeth that were smoking, saying so well, hiding and finding out too. But under the bed, only a few condoms were used, the merry-go-round with the mission of the human race died dry. This content belongs to Nicefrogtees. And above the roof of the cupboard was a dusty feathered broom. The coast rescue team announced to stop searching for her husband on Thursday. He moved to the cheapest room, the roof. There could only be a view of the sea, something strange to Nhi.