The way the police try and get in on the action he’s just effortlessly sailed down the side of a building from 500 ft in the air and they think he desperately needs help when he’s 1ft from the ground?30 years of programming they have to occasionally get something right… come on, as the old sayings go even a broken clock is even right twice a day. These are educated writers who follow trends, and who capitalize on staying current with what’s going on around them. It’s not predicting and those who think so, are the same reason tRump got elected people not thinking for them self and buying into everything they read or hear even though it can be a blatant lie. Because they often go for what are relatively safe bets, I mean who would have guessed that a popular popstar would sing at the Superbowl? Or that Americans would, for like the third time minimum, elect a TV star into a political office? Or an idiot into office? Properly, a dystopian Britain with no democracy, using the euro, no monarchy, no free health care, and a poorer economy. but, is an Authoritarian, Communist surveillance state under the fourth Reich’s superstate. Our children will be strips into the continental Army to fight a war with America and Russia.