This type of law is not about being secular it seems, but about refusing to respect other people’s convictions, religious or otherwise. He’s a hypocrite and a bigot who’s racist government just banned anyone wearing turbans or scarves on their heads from becoming a teacher in Quebec. State-sponsored discrimination targeted mainly at visible and religious minorities. Malala would be banned from working in Quebec as a teacher! Quebec is a joke. This brave young lady is an advocate for education for all. That is her passion, her concern. She is not a politician attempting to deal with other issues and one should not expect her to do so, Wasn’t the secularization law meant only for government employees? It has no restrictions on civilians. So civil servants can’t even take pictures with civilians wearing religious attires? That’s rather silly. The Govt. the decision is perfectly alright, one who wants to practice religion can do it as a personal choice why extended to Govt arena. There should be a policy, children should be allowed to practice religion only when they are in the age group of 16 or 18, then they can think for themselves and the betterment of society, can serve the Humanity with clear understanding and judgments.