Is that Twitter I hear being fired up? Yeah, just the overwhelming plurality at near half, while the rest are mostly central American who are infinitely more similar and cohesive to Mexican society than American sure that all the people walking around in New Jersey with cowboy boots and cowboy hats aren’t native. Oh, and btw; Illegal aliens are one specific race. South-America, Europe, Africa, or Asia. It doesn’t matter. This is the rule of law not throwing one ethnicity under the bus. Lastly, are you physically capable of entering any other country on earth without repercussions? Name that country. I’ll wait. , but rather overstay their visas. In 2017, Canadians overstaying their visa made up the largest group of these migrants, followed by Mexicans. In Montana, probably all the rich ones have been taking advantage of them. Just like the majority of rich people do! Not a rich one, but a huge majority! From the article.