The presence of an emaciated woman Wear orange save live strengthen communities end gun violence shirt who lost the natural beauty of the beach, she reminded a miserable being carried away by sea, and someone who said jokes and laughed, playing with her dogs, or pressing their hands on their navel, all find themselves having moral problems. Even the newly arrived tourists were robbed of the joy of knowing that there was a man who was cold and floating out there, and there was no guarantee that he would not pull more people to the bottom to be bored. This content belongs to Nicefrogtees. It was possible to feel that the summer of Coi beach was being stagnant for me, Nhi still did not give up. In the morning, it was thin, like those who had been robbed by relatives, but in Nhi only felt overwhelmed. No loss. Sometimes he had to adjust his face, so he really looked like the one who lost his husband.