The other day he chuckled and told me about the Reagan Bush 84 shirt science fiction book he had read in an old and rotten library, about a creative guy who created a mass-machine chicken drumstick. He must be writing in starvation, craving for meat. It reflects the mediocre little mind that a few decades ago appeared in the head of the word. I was a bit startled, so if I wrote science fiction, I would write about a machine that turned people into kites, shelved until the wind was up, then the children took to play. One day the kite cannot turn back to being human because he forgets how to be human, how to go on his own. A young boy about ten years younger than me heard the idea and laughed. This content belongs to nIcefrogtees. He asked why she didn’t write about the machine that made people realize their dreams. He was sad because he couldn’t find a dream to make medicine.