Why are people bothered? If she wanted to be a teacher in Canada, she would have the same choice to make like every other woman who wears a religious head and face gear. Remind me what your point was, again? It’s disappointing to see a Canadian province embrace a headscarf ban. I don’t see any difference between the many efforts to ban teachers and banning teachers whose personal religious belief obligates them to wear a headscarf. The question is: why in 2019 women still feel the need to wear a headscarf? God Allah if you wish doesn’t require that. Women who go bare head aren’t less spiritual. The same question can go for the Sikhs wearing the turban. One Sikh is the Leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada and will campaign in the next October election. Does he have a chance to become Canadian PM? No, he doesn’t. He would if he would go without it. The criticism about this picture came from the hypocrisy shown by M. Roberge who is here posing with Malala Yousafzai who was shot for making a stand in defending girls rights for education while she wouldn’t be able to get a job as a teacher here in Québec because of a headscarf. Because even their own Minister, the one who brought up the law was busy jogging while the law was discussed in the chamber.