Beto O’Rourke’s senatorial campaign apologized for the text message sent to voters. Texas for Beto shirt. Inviting volunteers to help transport undocumented immigrants to polls on election day. The text “is not a message approved by the campaign. And it certainly is not something we are doing.” Said Ana Castañón, deputy media chief for O’Rourke’s campaign. With The Independent. “We are continuing to look at what has happened.” The messages came from inside the text messaging campaign activity, read: “Hello, It’s Patsy here w. Beto for Texas.” Our records show you are a supporter. T-shirt design near me. Are looking for volunteers to help transport undocumented immigrants to the polls. That they will be able to vote. “Read more Beto O’Rourke in ‘Heat Death Statistics’ with Ted Cruz in Texas “.

Should Texas Vote for Beto O’Rourke?

Have you ever been able to support this base effort?” the message continues. The text was sent to voters near 4:00 pm local time on Wednesday, with some recipients describing immediate suspicion and shock online. The message was made by an “impostor,” who “registered as a volunteer in our messaging group,” the campaign said in a statement to the Austin-born American newspaper. Local newspaper. Many of the same questions pointed to the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the Texas election with prominent Democrats. For example, Wendy Davis lost to Greg Abbott with more than 20 percentage points in 2014. John Cornyn won his Senate race decisively in 2014 (61% to 34%). However, some important changes may even be the odds for Beto O’Rourke. First, Donald Trump was elected.

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His approval rate in his first year was 10 points lower than the first year of the president 10 years ago. Because of President Trump’s election, he faced opposition from his own party, dividing the Republican Party into factions. Second, non-Texans continue to move to some of Texas’s major cities. Although not all of these people hold views that are less common in the rural population. Texas for Beto. These people may vote based on priorities. And a different view from those born and raised in Texas. Finally, Ted Cruz is an extremely polar character. Many in his party do not like him because of his fighting style. And the progress of his agenda at the expense of his party. For example, he was the only senator to vote against opening the debate on immigration reform. A representative of a state where one in six residents an immigrant.
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