No worries! As of now, It’s not set in stone but most likely next month. Shiba Inu Such Christmas Shirt. I can message you when the final release date will be if you’d like! Yes, please! I’d very much like to get it for her for Christmas Ik that’s a tough time frame though, I’m lucky her birthdays not too far after so, either way, let me know, Thank you. it’ll probably be ready around Christmas time! But we just need to account for shipping time haha. I’ll add you to the list to message, and thanks for the support! I like what you got. Definitely copping a shirt. That smoking girl is also fire but I saw your comment about not sure when to release.

Why Are Shiba Inus So So Cute?

Lol didn’t even notice that. I saw it trending with this subreddit on the app. It shows me subs I might be interested in this one is one of them and your post was one that is highlighted. I had a Shiba Inu who died last year. sweetest dog I’ve ever met. this is beautiful even though it made me miss him. I’m discussing with my manufacturer about it right now and they might be available 2nd week of December fingers crossed. I can do global shipping, I’ll just need to get a quote from the post office for your country first! Not my taste but it’s a good design. This cuteness will get scooped up quick ya got a heater in your hands here brozay.
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Shiba Inu Such Christmas Shirt, sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve.

Shiba Inu Such Christmas Hoodie


Shiba Inu Such Christmas Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve

Shiba Inu Such Christmas Sweater