Pennywise and Stranger things shirtHe is doing such a great job. Lol, I think the Pennywise and Stranger things shirt has seen his last days. Very soon. if Obama cared about this town he would be there to help fix it,naw he has better things to do, the man was a pawn, spineless worm this is a state issue and Trump has offered federal help but Obama’s boy thinks he’s gut it all under control. This blood is on their hands because they are refusing to do anything about it and refusing help. He was their Senator, they overwhelmingly voted for him and his former Chief of Staff has been their Mayor. Because Obama only creates hellholes, he wouldn’t dare live in or near one. And he would have to have a safe space. there isn’t one in Chicago. This is not totally Obama’s fault, but he certainly has to be held accountable for eight years of nothing to stop the Pennywise and Stranger things shirt behavior.Pennywise and Stranger things hoodie

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