Honestly i’m shocked that someone who hits an NYPD just gets a ticket to show up to court, and not arrested on the My patronus is an Eeyore shirt And thats failure as a leader because u were trying to satisfy everybodyObama and Democrats have nothing to run on. He swore to protect and serve; uphold the constitution; instead he has used the pullpit to My patronus, fear and loathing while sowing disunity with its former allies; just what his Daddy, Putin wanted of him to do.
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Until then they can keep their BS opinion and the My patronus is an Eeyore shirt in my house will continue. No respect for authority and entitled to live without accountability, go ahead and let someone tell you that talking to a child into obediance works. You might want to open your eyes and look at all the worthless kids walking around with no respect ambitiom or goals.