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The pig has a heart-shaped face, long legs, and strong claws. Yes I Am The Crazy Owl Lady sweater the pigs have about 16 species. They are more diverse, accounting for 190 species in about 23 genera. The cat has a round face, a short tail, and a large head. Colors are mostly brown, gray, white or black. The eyes of the owl can not move in the eye socket, so when viewed, they must turn the whole head in that direction. And because their eyes are oriented forward, their eyesight develops very well.

The feathers of the owl are specially developed, allowing them to minimize the noise when flapping their wings. The cat’s legs are like the predatory birds with their flexible fingers, which makes them easy to grasp and tear down their prey. Cute, funny cats. It will be very suitable for those with personality, love animals. Cats have faces and eyes that are as bright as cats, and they catch mice very well. Look at them extremely lovely and cute. You can find this shirt at our Picturestees website. With soft fabric, high-quality ink. Available in all sizes, sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL …