I need a hug rather than a big beer. I Need A Huge Glass Of Beer sweater the design is made in the USA. sometimes I need a hug, tightly. Just in time and that means: I’m hugging you because I see you need peace in my arms. Naturally, now I crave a hug. Away from family, close friends, in a large room, I coveted. Hugging is a hug, a loving arms embrace, the shore for rest after days of fatigue and downs. I like to be hugged from the back, suddenly but really, the hug really want to overcome the difficulties ahead. In this life, who will hug you like your parents? A hug – a very simple job but many people forget.

Sometimes the couples love each other, they will hug each other tightly to the warm heart to mix together, to love each other, to understand each other and face the same life. How long have you been hugging? How long have you not hugged someone? Hug more, simply because they are “free”. Let’s hug more because life needs hugs. There are times when I crave for a hug. A hug from a close friend. I told you I was fine, but I’m not really good at all. In front of you I always go crazy, but when alone, I sigh again.
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