Later this year, the Americans will vote in the two congressional elections of Congress. I love boys who vote shirt.  What will decide the outcome? In November, as usual, every two years. Americans will go to the polls to vote for a new Congress. The Republicans are in the majority in both houses and a president often agrees with their agenda, but the current Congress has long witnessed dramatic events, with narrow ballots. surprise. Major legislative initiatives, such as the health reform bill, have failed; Even a tax cut is justified by a few votes cast. The Democrats, backed by strong opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, will believe they can gain control of one or both. Republicans will hope that a strong economy and low unemployment will help them maintain their position.

Predictions of midterm election results

What will determine the winner? The two-chamber structure of Congress was the result of a dispute in the 18th century. When the first 13 states agreed to merge. T-shirt design near me. Big states want the population to determine the number of seats in the legislature; Small states want equal numbers of seats for each state, regardless of population size. Founders have met both. In the House of Representatives. Each state has a number of seats corresponding to its population size. In the Senate, each state has two senators serving for a six-year term. All 435 members of the House of Representatives are elected every two years. To force them to depend on and sympathize with the people. By contrast, only one-third of senators elected at each election.
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