Cue the same 3 Flames haters who come into every Flames thread and shit on Hockey fans!!!Even God says to pray for your Enemies….I love you 3000 times I am Iron Man shirt. Go Flames Go. Your team is definitely in sort of purgatory. You are very wrong…there’s nothing “sort of” about it. How many more years of Lucic torture?! Its as if Chiarelli actually tried to actively fuck over the Oilers. At least we can see the light of the Calgary Flames and hold out hope!! I never follow hockey, so I thought this thread was an April fools joke. Your comment doesn’t help that at all.

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Congrats Calgary on either case. You either got a hockey thing or an Edmontonian to wish you well! I love you 3000 times I am Iron Man shirt. Yup… I’ll be out there with my shirt off… wavin’ my moobs around! I better start seeing some more damn car flags. So far all I’ve seen is mine and a taxi. Lets go people. Where can you pick some new ones up? I have a vintage “Western Conference Champs” flag from 2004 but it’s lost somewhere in the black hole that is my garage.  When I see these, I wonder how much extra gas is burned as a result of the additional drag from air friction.