I’m not too proud to admit that all of these things are a sure way of not. Just A Woman Who Loves Stan Lee Shirt. Only capturing my attention but focusing my attention on you and not consider other suitors. OP, you’ve some serious insight. This is a misunderstanding of what introversion is. I’ve become an outgoing introvert. I still need to get away from a group, be alone to recover, but can be very happy with groups, parties, in clubs, public speaking, etc. The true defining attribute is extroverts recharge in social situations, introverts recharge more in isolation.

What does Stanlee mean?

Well if it helps, this boy who was so shy he had to memorize his order at McDonald’s to not mess it up, has made over $150k a year for a decade (in an inexpensive city), has visited nearly 100 countries, banged 2 chicks within 48 hours earlier this year, I’m 49 and just figuring this part of my life out, they were 32 and 33, so more than 15 years younger and hot, and too much other stuff to list. Keep challenging yourself and growing and celebrate the accomplishments, and give yourself a break on the failures, you’ll learn to be social. Thanks, dude. I’m working hard to face my social fears and progress is slow, but nice to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s interesting that those who struggle the most seem to do best later in life.

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