I like to think I’m a good person but as I get older I find myself cheering for Thanos and Zamasu and everyone else like them. Humanity better hope I never get super powers. He wouldn’t be as strong as he was in the original story. SoGoku and Vegeta would be way weaker. I mean Gohan’s real Dad shirt would still compete against each other but without as strong as Veggie in the original story, the limit would be lower, the Nemek ark probably wouldn’t be. You’re assuming everyone works Monday thru Friday. That’s nice. And wouldn’t you want a picture of Bulma or someone who actually knows what work is. You never know, growing up with Vegeta could have made both of them stronger.Goku had krillin to compete with so it wasn’t much of a competition but if Vegeta was around he might have trained harder because vegeta would keep up with him. Meh not really because unless he lost his memory like Goku he would still know where he was from and why he was there. Gohan hit his head and forgot who he was so the destroying the earth part didnt come into play.

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It’s a theory of mine but I think the different height meant power.Yamaha you rock, I hate it when the dragon ball z fans ridicule and abuse Gohan’s real Dad shirt , although you rarely train nowadays and get defeated in almost every fight you’ve been involved in “that’s no reason to ridicule you. You act lazy but I would never judge a book by the cover.  I think it’s hilarious how the people from last country on earth to get a dub of this show thinks they have a right to talk shit on a woman who’s voiced this character for thirty years.