What a legend Freddie was. Freddie Mercury St. Louis Blues we are champions shirt gives you gifts one doesn’t realize and appreciate. And if one does also people around you put you down and hurt you and tease you. People around you do not appreciate the work of God, which indirectly means they don’t believe in God. They just show of that we pray. Freddie’s teeth had nothing to do with his vocal range. He was terrified of dentists that’s all. If his parents had had his bite fixed when very young, Freddie would still have been the amazing entertainer he was. His looks alone would have taken him far. I love you, Freddie. So glad to see another generation embrace Queen and Freddie. They have always been one of my favorites and amazed at how well the film Bohemian Rhapsody was made and received.

Freddie Mercury St. Louis Blues we are champions Hoodie