Man, it seemed like already so long ago that JOOST was in the same room streaming together. Fortnite Unicorn Llama Shirt. But it was actually just less than a month ago. The legend is back at it! Good job compiling this. Kinda like it that I am not here anymore, lol. Just something I noticed, the clips on Mar. 6th are from Feb. 6th cuz Toast is still in Taiwan in one of the clips. I was at Gamescom in Cologne, and there was literally a KIDS PLAYGROUND in the Fortnite section. Here are 4 images I took. This was right after they did the crazy display with explosions and stuff and the red smoke had stopped by this point.

What the heck is that border on my unicorn?

He exaggerated a little but it definitely was the coolest display at PAX. How is that bad? We know what fortnights audience is, doesn’t take away from the mechanical skill necessary at the top levels. It’s not PURELY mechanical skill, literally, no game is strictly mechanical skill. I’m saying the game requires a certain level of mechanical efficiency so it’s not like we can take away from that or that we have to bash another game to like pubs. You can like both, the people who play in fortnights player league are literally none of the people who are on stage doing unicorn dances. That’s not the point at all. Wow, you’re missing this one by a mile. It has nothing at all to do with the difficulty of the game and everything to do with who it’s geared towards.
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