You know it is going to be an interesting day when you think the most Disney Resting witch face Mug to wear is this and that you already have your attitudes kicking on all cylinders. Yep there goes all the filters. Think I have carry over exhaustion from yesterday. 1 am bedtime makes for a grumpy Jenn I suppose. So it took my sister and I way too long to take this picture!


Disney Resting witch face Mug

Thank you so much for these Disney Resting witch face Mug! If you aren’t following her make sure you go check her out! “I showed ‘Snow White’ to my own two daughters when they were small,” Walt recalled. “And when they came to me later and said they wanted to play witch, I figured it was all right to let other kids see the film.” Walt’s daughter Diane confessed that she hid her face in her hands when the Queen’s scenes played out.

Disney Resting witch face T SHIRT

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