2+ hours in, no worries I’m good haha. Butterfly Let It Shirt. I’m about to smoke some more cause I feel this already has peaked and won’t really do much more. Not worth it to me, I’ll stick to smoking! wait til your stomach rumbles from hunger…then wait until it really rumbles…that’s when you take it. When your stomach is like “yo, feed me, bitch!”. That’s surprising you’re tolerance must be crazy I had tried edibles a few times before and never did much for me then I tried one that was 100 mg supposedly that fucked me up and that’s now my favorite way to get high.

What spiritual messages lay behind them?

1 hour in so far so good. My tolerance is pretty high, I’ve only done edible couple times before and only once did it actually hit me. I read good stuff about this one so I thought I’d try it. I’d say right now I feel like I smoked a big bowl. I’m ready to go to the moon so hoping this keeps rising! About to play Hitman 2 right now and probably take a bong hit, I’ll try to give an update in an hour. Careful with that. I blacked out and woke up with half my face all droopy like I had a stroke after I had 600mg. I’ve legit tried 6 different brands of edibles ranging from chocolate and candies and I never feel a thing. I just thought it was because of high tolerance. Mind you first 2 times I’ve had small doses thinking I was gonna over do it and after experiencing nothing I tried 350-500 mg and nothing. Wtf is my prob if it’s not tolerance?
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