Not the super-rich with their private medical care, but the average joe on the street. sorry you are missing the point, its things like a large group of people come to any given town from anywhere, they all go and get jobs they are not after benefits, what they do is rent a 3 bed house and ten working people live in it that pushes up the rent, and makes it unaffordable for a single-family, that makes people resentful it Also increases the number of cars on the road again upsetting more people, you say about the I was refused an appointment because I am English, and this is true my doctors don’t see English people on certain days, this also upsets people it was only because I can afford to sue that I got an appointment then and no longer have that problem with them, I was also in boots in the high st when two white males were screaming at the shop worker in god only knows what.

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