Our good friends Kapstadmat.com are selling Ts for a very good cause to help protect Rhinos against the terrible threat of poaching, please show your support by simply buying a Bad Ape shirt and sharing the link If there was one piece of my own art I could use to showcase me trying to ape Bernie Wrightson, it would probably be this Bad Ape shirt I did a few years ago for my buddy’s metal band. wicked night im afraid to say.drunk again, although i didnt fall over which is a plus!  tonight i plan on gettong the most smashes i have been all year. After few ups and downs we are ready to go. It’s gonna be the best gym, fitness and martial arts clothing around Scotland. Very unique and extremely high quality. Fucking hell, as if this was nearly five years ago. I mean it sounds terrible, but I don’t half miss it sometimes.